Welcome to my website ! My name is Irina Logunova, and I am an official guide of Florence, Siena and their provinces in Russian and Italian. My native language is Russian.

I am a historian, I graduated from University a long ago but I will remember for the rest of my life my exam on medieval history and the question about the Florentine Ciompi riot, to which unfortunately I couldn’t give an exhaustive answer. At that time I couldn’t imagine that in the future my life and job would be tied to this unique town, where I live since 1999, and that the places and members of this uprising would become almost familiar !

Everytime I walk through the streets of Florence I can’t stop being surprised by the fact that every single stone of this town could tell its particular tale. Certainly you cannot be surprised that Pisa and Siena are at just 60 km from Florence (one in the west direction, the other to the south-east), but each town has its own history, its style and inimitable atmosphere. And everytime I travel in the outskirts of the city I am impressed by the beauty of the Tuscan landscape (Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region), with its smooth hills, olive trees, cypresses and vineyards disappearing against the horizon in that blueish mist made unforgettable by the masters of the Florentine Renaissance. As a matter of fact Tuscan landscapes are considered among the most beautiful natural environments in the world, where centuries of human activity co-exist in perfect harmony with nature. After this brief introduction, I suggest you have a look at my itineraries in the section “Tours & Excursions”, with the complete program of tours that I organize both for individuals and groups. The suggested itineraries can obviously be modified according to your needs and requests, and if you plan to visit different places in Tuscany and/or in Italy, I will be glad to give you all the necessary information and tips as well as the contact telephone of my colleagues. For any question concerning the organization of tours and excursions (Russian guide in Florence, Russian guide in Siena, Florence Museums, Siena Museums, Guide in Tuscany, Tourism in Tuscany, Florence tours for cruise ships passengers) as well as for professional translation and business trips, you can get in touch with me by phone or by e-mail. In the section “useful links” you can find information to help you organize your stay in Tuscany.